About us


Back in 08 we started to play around with a streetwear concept, because we didn't think anything out there was representative to our selfs. And for a long time we just did stuff for our self. But our friends liked it and wanted to get stuff to. So we occasionally did. But the thought that maybe more people than our friends want this did start to grow. Ten years later we felt that we should give it a shot. Let's do this. Let's launch and se what happens.

But we wanted to stay true to our beliefs. Mass production stuff isn't our thing. and we truly believe that clothes should be suitable for most occasions. Wether your at work or hanging out at the skate park, or whatever your passion is.

So we hope you'll like it. More will come.

And what about the name?

We're all captured by our everyday life and do what we have to do to survive. We might not like it, but we do it anyways. In that way we all suffer from a sort of Sthlm Syndrom® Our mission is to break out from this squirrel wheel and we hope you join us.

Be who you we're supposed to be, Live Your Passion!
Sthlm Syndrom


What does Sthlm stand for?

Sthlm is a shortage for Stockholm.


Ah so your talking about the Stockholm Syndrome?

Yes, in a way but not the bank robbery it self. We mean The psychological phenomenon.

The real meaning that is! And it's not falling in love with your captivator as most people think. It's about survival! 



If you want to get in contact with us or have any questions. Please use the form below.